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DJ Keltech
Lloyd Morgan (aka DJ Keltech) - Music producer/Composer and Turntablist DJ

I specialise is epic Cinematic Hip Hop,composing for for Artists TV and Film

Modern Hip Hop Instrumental
"Out of Time Remix"
Massive trailer with a Hip Hop vibe
"The Tough Don't Quit"
Engergetic Hip Hop Instrumental
"The Traveler"
Cinematic Hip Hop
"The Art of the State"
30 second Sound Design for a product
"Urban Take Over"
Modern Urban Reality TV
"Quick the clock is ticking"
High Tension Challenge music
"The Chase"
TV Action Cinematic Hip Hop


 Experienced Hip Hop/Electronic music producer with a love for Epic cinematic / trailer music sounds.

I started writing music in the 90’s as a teenager, mainly Hip Hop beats and Drum&Bass, alongside producing music I was perfecting my skills as a turntablist DJ, performing live on stage with local rapper Johnny B and competing at the World Technics World DMC DJ Championships. A highlight for me was supporting ICE T on one of his UK tour nights.
In 2005 while performing live on stage in a DJ battle I remixed the Imperial March music live as part of my DJ routine, the crowd went crazy so this gave me an idea. A few days later I decided to film myself performing the same routine but this time dressed up as Darth Vader as a bit of a joke. I posted it online to a video site called (pre youtube). To my surprise the video went viral and before I knew it I was getting millions of views. The video was picked up by officials at and they contacted me for an interview which was put on their website, if that wasn't awesome enough I also received a christmas card personally signed by George Lucas!

I was invited to perform the routine at celebrity parties and to fly to Belgium for a live primetime TV show called "Ca Alors".
With the success of the first video and my name rapidly growing as a DJ, I video’d another similar video this time dressed as an alien remixing the War of the Worlds music, I was then asked to officially remix the main theme song for Jeff Wayne (the creator of the famous stage musical), this was released on BMG/Sony records.

Getty Images who were a big music library at the time contacted me and asked for my back catalogue of Hip Hop instrumentals and they went on to be used on big MTV shows like Making the video, Pimp my Ride etc..
Things were really taking off but I still wasn’t making a living from music and so I started a business making retro arcade machines which teemed to earn me more money, sadly the music had to go on the back burner till I could get myself financially sound.

After a long break from the music I started to study music theory and how to write with orchestral instruments so tI could write music that combines my love for epic cinematic sounds with hard hitting urban beats. It’s nearly 2019, I feel like I have stepped out of a time machine the music industry has changed significantly and I feel like i’m starting my music career all over again.

I hope you like my music

Thanks for reading this far!

Lloyd in the studio

Hybrid setup Hardware and Software
Software: Cubase 10
Tascam reel 2 reel 1/4 tape Machine
Icon 6x Midi keyboard
Tubecore Hardware Master Compressor
Audioscape SSL G Bus Hardware Compressor
Universal Audio Apollo 8 Interface
Akai S950 sampler
2 x Warm Audio Pulteq Style Hardware EQ's
Adam AUdio AX5 and sub
Lexicon MPX 1 Hardware Reverb
TK Audio Lizer Hardware Master EQ

if you are interested in licensing or custom music being written for you

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technics world dmc finalist


Made In wales
Music made in Wales, UK
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